operation + surgery....grrrrrrrr!!!!

17 october 2009..the date that i will never forget..the historic date for me..at Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bharu i placed for further treatment..i go to HSI on 16 october..until i at HSI i went to medical check by a specialist of the nose, ears and mouth..after inspection, the doctor found a lump of pus found at the bottom of my ears..after getting approval to conduct the surgery, doctors prescribe the date of my surgery the next day..the sorts of things that i feel..nervous,scared, and so on..
the day of surgery, 17 october, saturday, at 10.00 a.m, i was brought into the operating room..but do not know why this time I could not feel anything..not afraid..but not enjoy of cause..when i lay in bed surgical and surgical lights bright lights in my face..i am not able to say anything else except pray that the surgery went well..
surgery started when i was sedated by the anesthesia specialist..after the doctor inserts a camera through my nose wire. doctors should not be put through the mouth because my mouth will not open at that time..despite being sedated, but pain when the camera can still be felt..and the pain that i felt God only knows..but a minute later i went unconscious..maybe the effects of anesthesia..
3 hours, then i realized..and my doctor said surgery did not take too much time just an hour and a half alone..the doctor told me, during surgery, after doctors had cut a little squirt pus..i hear it i chuckle..hehehe..after surgery, i had to admission and care under a specialist doctor. My week-long hospital. tired and bored. and the most i do not like about the hospital is food..very uncomfortable and not tasty..bargaining and the same menu every day..hehehe..i do not want to stay in the hospital again this past..hehe..so i'll keep my health as best as possible so as not to enter the hospital again..let this be the first and last....huhuhu =)
and most depressing of the year..i had to celebrate my birthday in the hospital..
no friends, no cake = (

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