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wh0 am i

I sit in the terrace, gazing at the starry sky, 
and think ab0ut the answer t0 the questi0n, "Wh0 am i??"
I am a girl wh0 wants to be young forever, 
but i'm a girl wh0 als0 wants t0 gr0w up and be some0ne that every0ne will remember
I'm a girl who wants t0 stay in the pr0tected w0rld my parents have built f0r me
but i'm als0 a girl wh0 wants t0 t0uch the sky and break free
I want t0 be happy and dance in the rain
but i als0 wanna cry f0r the unf0rtunate and feel their pain
I want t0 be wise and g0 t0wards the sun ray
but i als0 want t0 be a f0ol, trust my heart and g0 the 0ther way
I'm a girl wh0 always wants her life t0 g0 t0wards light
but i'm als0 a girl wh0 wants t0 be able t0 make it thr0ugh the night.
I always want t0 be right, win every race
but i als0 want t0 be able t0 l0se and accept it with grace
I'm a girl wh0 always wants t0 g0 up, make ends meet
but i'm als0 a girl wh0 wants t0 be able t0 fall d0wn and have the c0urage t0 get back 0n my feet
Wh0 am I? What kind of a human being? I'm right, i'm wrong, i'm everything

in my dream

i can't quite remember
my dreams last night
0nly thing i kn0w f0r sure
it's that u were there t0 h0ld me tight
things were kinda dark, mixed n c0nfused
i can't quite remember it all
but i remember u
i was kinda dazed, crazed, l0st
but i dream 0f u n u were there
u had me in y0ur arms
u did care
i had a dream 
i can 0nly remember
u were my dreams

"budak pandai"

Di suatu petang yg semp0i2 bahasa...(haha ta leh blaa)...
Di sebuah tmpt yg digelar Dewan Kutub Utara...
Semasa Madam Sizuka sedang bz melecturerkan student2 nye...
 di suatu sudut yg plg jauh di kutub itu (cehh) n0bita & giant pon duduk..
a few minutes....tibe2.........

n0bita : xpe...budak pandai xyah bwk buku g class pon xpe..
lengang2 bwk henf0n jewp..
giant : @#$%^&*!?<>

*a few minutes
sambil2 n0bita mencari2 khazanah berharga di dlm beg nye..
n lastly n0bita "mengaru-garu" telinganya..

giant : xpe..budak pandai xyah penat2 dgr lecturer kt dpn..
sedap2 dgr lagu jewp kt belkg..
n0bita : ??????????????

*sedang lecturer bz di hdpn

n0bita : gap0 ny0 la madam sizuka b0be kt dpn tuhh...
aq dah la xpahe se pon dye 0yak gap0....hmmm

madam sizuka : awk kena tulis yew..awk xbole dgr jewp..
 n xsemene-mene tetibe terdgr satu suara aneh berkata sesuatu..

giant : emm xpe..budak pandai xyah tulis pon xpe..
semua dah scan msuk dlm 0tak..
n0bita : buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

*after 2 h0ur
otw balek ke bilik..

giant : heyyy suni0.. cer tgok 2...
n0bita : (dlm hati) ape pndang2??huh
suni0 : b0 b0 la tuhh..dah lmbat dah...ade class lg pas nie..
giant : emm xpe..budak pndai dtg class lmbat pon xpe..
nobita : @@@@@@@

*after a few minutes

giant : pakai stoking ke mlm nie??
n0bita : emm xpe..budak pandai xyah pakai st0king pon xpe..
dah kebal dah..
giant : ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

*emmmm sian n0bita di buli 0leh makhluk berwarna pink...
mane la si doreman xde pon nk back up n0bita..
2 vs 1...c0nfirm la kalah si n0bita tuhhh..

finally...dah bagai pecah perut nk ketawa...
gelak sampai ke dlm biik air coz teringat kata2 si makhluk pink tuhh...
(memang sengal bet0l)hahahaha

habis hilang semua ilmu td (ade kew??haha) gara2 si makhluk pink..
emm xpe..dye budak pandai..klu ilmu 2 fly away dye b0le tgkap blek..

m0ral ~
f0kus la time lecturer b0be kt dpn tuhh even xphm sekali pon 0k..
jadi la seperti n0bita...jgn jd seperti giant...
ehhh silap...
jadilah seperti giant..jgn jd seperti n0bita..
ehhh nope2...dua2 xleh pkai..hahaha...
jadi lah diri sendiri...
caiy0ookk maju kan diri anda...lakukan perubahan...

s0metimes @_@

S0metimes we need t0 :
st0p analyzing the past
st0p planning the future
st0p trying t0 figure 0ut precisely fr0m we fell
st0p deciding with 0ur mind what we want 0ur heart t0 feel

S0metimes we just have t0 g0 with
"whatever happens...happens"

S0metimes everything will all make perfect sense
s0 f0r n0w,
laugh at the c0nfusion
smile through the tears and
keep reminding y0urself
that everything happens f0r a reas0n..


Never say i l0ve u..if u really d0n't care
Never talk ab0ut feelings..if they aren't really there
Never hold my hand..if u're going t0 break my heart
Never say u're g0ing t0..if u d0n't plan t0 start
Never l0ok me in the eye..if all u d0 is lie
Never say hell0..if u really mean g0odbye
if u really mean f0rever..then say u'll try
Never say f0rever..coz f0rever makes u cry..

T0 l0ve is n0thing
T0 be l0ved is s0mething
T0 love and be l0ved is everything..
T0 l0ve s0me0ne deeply gives u strength
Being l0ved by s0me0ne deeply gives u courage..



F0rget her name, f0rget her face
Her warm embrace
Forget the l0ve that u 0nce knew
Remember she has s0me0ne new
F0rget her when they played y0ur s0ng
Remember when u cried all night l0ng
F0rget h0w cl0sed u 0nce were
Remember she has ch0sen his
F0rget h0w u mem0rized her walk
F0rget the way she used t0 talk
F0rget the things she used t0 say
Remember she has g0ne away
F0rget her laugh and f0rget her smile
F0rget the way she held u tight
Remember she's with his t0night
F0rget the time that went s0 fast
F0rget the l0ve that m0ved, it's past
Remember u and she never can t0gether..
we just can be a friend..

I l0ve u en0ugh t0 fight f0r u, c0mpr0mise f0r u and
sacrifice myself f0r u if need be..

Enough t0 miss u incredibly when we're apart,
 n0 matter what length 0f time it's f0r
and regardless 0f the distance..

Enough t0 believe in 0ur relati0nship,
t0 stand by it thr0ugh the w0rse 0f time,
t0 have faith in 0ur strength as a c0uple
and t0 never give up 0n us..

En0ugh t0 spend the rest 0f my life with u,
be there f0r u when u need 0r want an never,
ever want t0 leave u 0r live with0ut u..

That is the true seas0n 0f l0ve,
when we believe thet we al0ne can l0ve,
that n0 0ne c0uld ever have l0ved s0 bef0re us,
and that n0 0ne will l0ve in the same way after us..

wh0 care ab0ut ur life??

I believe..
That 0ur backgr0und and circumferences
may have influence wh0 we are,
but we are resp0nsible f0r wh0 we b0c0me..

I can't predict the future,
I can't change the past,
I have just the present m0ment,
I must treat it as my fast..

In 0ur life :
with0ut hum0r, life is sucks
with0ut courage, life is hard
with0ut l0ve, life is h0peless
with0ut friend, life is imp0sible

Pe0ple spend a lifetime searching
 f0r happiness l0oking f0r peace,
They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions,
even 0ther pe0ple,
h0ping t0 fill the emptiness that plagues them..
The irony is the 0nly place they ever
needed t0 search was within..


D0 what makes u happy
be with makes u smile
laugh as much as u can
and l0ve as l0ng as u live..

F0r everything u have mixed,
u have gained s0mething else..
and f0r everything u gain,
u lose s0mething else..

U can't d0 anything ab0ut the length 0f y0ur life
but u can d0 s0mething ab0ut its width and depth..
it's ab0ut y0ur 0utl0ok, t0wards life..
U can either regret 0r rej0ice..

If 0ne Day

If 0ne day u fell life crying
call me..i d0n't pr0mise
that i will make u laugh
but i can cry with u

If 0ne day u want t0 run away
don't be afraid t0 call me..i don't pr0mise
t0 ask u t0 st0p..
but i can run with u
If 0ne day u d0n't want t0 listen t0 nym0re
call me..i promise t0 be there f0r u
and i promise t0 be very quite

but..if 0ne day u call me
and there n0 answer
c0me fast t0 see me
perhaps i need u...


Dream as if y0u'll live f0rever,
Live as if y0u'll die t0day

Life is t0o short t0 wake up in the m0rning with regrets
S0 l0ve the pe0ple wh0 treat u right,
and f0rget ab0ut the 0ne's wh0 don't and 
believe that everything  happens f0r a reas0n..
If u get a chance. take it..
If it changes y0ur life, let it..
n0b0dy said it w0uld be easy, 
they just promised it w0uld be worth it..

When i was 10 years old,
my m0m always t0ld me that HAPPINESS was the KEY t0 life..
When i went t0 sch0ol,
they asked me what i wanted t0 be when i grew up..
I wr0te d0wn "HAPPY"..
They t0ld me i didn't understand the questi0n and
 i told them they didn't understand life...

Being HAPPY d0esn't mean everything perfect..
It means taht u decided
t0 lo0k bey0nd the imperfecti0ns...


I'm not a perfect girl
My hair d0esn't always stay in place
and i spill things a l0t..
I'm pretty clumsy and c0metimes
i have a br0ken heart my friends
and i s0metimes fight and maybe
s0me days n0thing g0es right,
but when i think ab0ut it and
take a step back i remember
h0w amazing life truly is and
that maybe, just maybe i like being unperfect..

Mistake are a part 0f being human..
Appreciate y0ur mistakes f0r what the are,
precious life lessons that can 0nly be learned the hard way..
S0metimes it's the smallest decissi0ns that can change y0ur life f0rever..

Courage d0es n0t always r0ar
s0metimes c0urage is the quiet v0ice
at the end 0f the day saying

t0 Daddy with l0ve Said bin Abd Hamid

t0 her the name 0f father was an0ther name t0 l0ve  

     S0me things will always be in style
G0od s0lid things like h0mesty, and trust and caring ab0ut pe0ple..
     Its qualities like these that keep us aware 0f wh0 we are
And what we can give t0 life..
     Its qualities like these, daddy, that you're taught me t0 value
Through y0ur influence, y0ur example and y0ur l0ve..
    It has made me l0ve u very much
And has made me very proud t0 have u f0r my daddy..

     Dad, f0r all th0se times, I left it unsaid
                        THANK Y0U..
       Thanks f0r being there f0r me 
           f0r showing me the way
          f0r being patient with me
    even when i made it difficult f0r u
           f0r believing in me and
        encouraging me t0 dream
      and being such an inspiring 
            presence in my life..


understand the purpose of this

Life c0me with n0 guarantees, n0 times outs, n0 sec0nd chances..
U just have t0 live life t0 the fullest, laugh as must as u can..
Spend all y0ur m0ney, tell s0me0ne what they mean t0 u,
tell s0me0ne 0ff, speak 0ut, dance in the p0uring rain,h0ld s0me0ne hand, 
c0mf0rt a friend, fall asleep watching the sun c0me up, stay up late,
be flirt, smile until y0ur face hurt, d0n't be afraid t0 take chances
0r fall in l0ve...and m0st 0f all live in the m0ment because 
every sec0nd u spend angry 0r upset is a sec0nd 0f 
happiness u can never get back.... =) 

4 S0ME1 :(

As i stand here with u the fear
i always knew that u w0uld be there
thr0ugh thick, and thin g0od times,
and bad u were the  best friends,
really ever had i c0me t0 u
with tr0uble with the pain and sympathy..
I had but i realize that i can't because
u n0 l0nger here with me..

U w0uld brighten up my with a beautiful
smile 0n y0ur face, u were always happy
whatever u went thr0ugh..
If i c0uld of t0ld u my last w0rds
i w0uld tell u I l0ve u and
i am s0rry f0r th0se last w0rds i'd
sp0ken t0 u..

U were s0mething great a i kn0w
if i had s0mething t0 talk ab0ut 
i w0uld always c0me t0 u..
U will always be in my heart 
and mem0rise..
And the best friends f0rever...

we love in each other

the best memorize

Friends are the fl0wers in the garden 0f life
They help u thr0ugh times 0f tr0uble and strife
There's n0thing like friends t0 make a heart sing
True friends will share with u m0st everything
They will n0t aband0n u in times 0f need
They aren't 0verc0me by envy 0r greed
Friends the the king 0n life's great big cake
Real friends will give and all0w u t0 take
I d0n't kn0w h0w i would survive with0ut friends
They applaud my beginnings and m0urn my sad ends
tell me, please tell me what would i do??
If i didn't have a garden full of friends just like u...



my parents always be there..

have you ever looked 
into the eyes of your child
and seen the unconditional love
that like deep within them for you..
that true love and
that's how you know 
you are a good parent..



Last night, while I also had time Rest yourself to accomplish a magazine I bought recently. Tu Magazine November 2008 issue. I read an article ... I suddenly smiling alone. 
Following the passage that make me smile. I wondered, why would I suddenly smiled after reading ... 

"Not too good, I will miss you." 
"Do not be too concerned, I may love you." 
"Do not be too close to me, I might fall in love with you." 

"If a person is present in your life but for some reason he had to go .. Do not be too sad.Accept the reality, at least he had you happy. Time will tell everything. If he is destined to be with you, he will be back. Back at you. " 

"It is better to dare to love despite the disappointment of the end you will not want to love because of fear of the risk of love." 

"Do not despair if there is a rival in love. It is better for you to try, or you may lose your loved one forever. "  
"One of the most beautiful thing in life is to tell your loved ones how important and special he is to you." 

"If he can get you sober, and willing to accept your deficiency and are more willing with you and love you, then you are most fortunate to have someone who loves you to scratch you." 

"To love and be loved need courage. Courage to continue to maintain that love. Next followed the sincerity to accept the feelings of a loved one sober ... " 

"If self is loved .. He must be trying to have ... there are always together. "