understand the purpose of this

Life c0me with n0 guarantees, n0 times outs, n0 sec0nd chances..
U just have t0 live life t0 the fullest, laugh as must as u can..
Spend all y0ur m0ney, tell s0me0ne what they mean t0 u,
tell s0me0ne 0ff, speak 0ut, dance in the p0uring rain,h0ld s0me0ne hand, 
c0mf0rt a friend, fall asleep watching the sun c0me up, stay up late,
be flirt, smile until y0ur face hurt, d0n't be afraid t0 take chances
0r fall in l0ve...and m0st 0f all live in the m0ment because 
every sec0nd u spend angry 0r upset is a sec0nd 0f 
happiness u can never get back.... =) 

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