Last night, while I also had time Rest yourself to accomplish a magazine I bought recently. Tu Magazine November 2008 issue. I read an article ... I suddenly smiling alone. 
Following the passage that make me smile. I wondered, why would I suddenly smiled after reading ... 

"Not too good, I will miss you." 
"Do not be too concerned, I may love you." 
"Do not be too close to me, I might fall in love with you." 

"If a person is present in your life but for some reason he had to go .. Do not be too sad.Accept the reality, at least he had you happy. Time will tell everything. If he is destined to be with you, he will be back. Back at you. " 

"It is better to dare to love despite the disappointment of the end you will not want to love because of fear of the risk of love." 

"Do not despair if there is a rival in love. It is better for you to try, or you may lose your loved one forever. "  
"One of the most beautiful thing in life is to tell your loved ones how important and special he is to you." 

"If he can get you sober, and willing to accept your deficiency and are more willing with you and love you, then you are most fortunate to have someone who loves you to scratch you." 

"To love and be loved need courage. Courage to continue to maintain that love. Next followed the sincerity to accept the feelings of a loved one sober ... " 

"If self is loved .. He must be trying to have ... there are always together. "

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