t0 Daddy with l0ve Said bin Abd Hamid

t0 her the name 0f father was an0ther name t0 l0ve  

     S0me things will always be in style
G0od s0lid things like h0mesty, and trust and caring ab0ut pe0ple..
     Its qualities like these that keep us aware 0f wh0 we are
And what we can give t0 life..
     Its qualities like these, daddy, that you're taught me t0 value
Through y0ur influence, y0ur example and y0ur l0ve..
    It has made me l0ve u very much
And has made me very proud t0 have u f0r my daddy..

     Dad, f0r all th0se times, I left it unsaid
                        THANK Y0U..
       Thanks f0r being there f0r me 
           f0r showing me the way
          f0r being patient with me
    even when i made it difficult f0r u
           f0r believing in me and
        encouraging me t0 dream
      and being such an inspiring 
            presence in my life..

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