I l0ve u en0ugh t0 fight f0r u, c0mpr0mise f0r u and
sacrifice myself f0r u if need be..

Enough t0 miss u incredibly when we're apart,
 n0 matter what length 0f time it's f0r
and regardless 0f the distance..

Enough t0 believe in 0ur relati0nship,
t0 stand by it thr0ugh the w0rse 0f time,
t0 have faith in 0ur strength as a c0uple
and t0 never give up 0n us..

En0ugh t0 spend the rest 0f my life with u,
be there f0r u when u need 0r want an never,
ever want t0 leave u 0r live with0ut u..

That is the true seas0n 0f l0ve,
when we believe thet we al0ne can l0ve,
that n0 0ne c0uld ever have l0ved s0 bef0re us,
and that n0 0ne will l0ve in the same way after us..

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