4 S0ME1 :(

As i stand here with u the fear
i always knew that u w0uld be there
thr0ugh thick, and thin g0od times,
and bad u were the  best friends,
really ever had i c0me t0 u
with tr0uble with the pain and sympathy..
I had but i realize that i can't because
u n0 l0nger here with me..

U w0uld brighten up my with a beautiful
smile 0n y0ur face, u were always happy
whatever u went thr0ugh..
If i c0uld of t0ld u my last w0rds
i w0uld tell u I l0ve u and
i am s0rry f0r th0se last w0rds i'd
sp0ken t0 u..

U were s0mething great a i kn0w
if i had s0mething t0 talk ab0ut 
i w0uld always c0me t0 u..
U will always be in my heart 
and mem0rise..
And the best friends f0rever...

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