F0rget her name, f0rget her face
Her warm embrace
Forget the l0ve that u 0nce knew
Remember she has s0me0ne new
F0rget her when they played y0ur s0ng
Remember when u cried all night l0ng
F0rget h0w cl0sed u 0nce were
Remember she has ch0sen his
F0rget h0w u mem0rized her walk
F0rget the way she used t0 talk
F0rget the things she used t0 say
Remember she has g0ne away
F0rget her laugh and f0rget her smile
F0rget the way she held u tight
Remember she's with his t0night
F0rget the time that went s0 fast
F0rget the l0ve that m0ved, it's past
Remember u and she never can t0gether..
we just can be a friend..

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