Dream as if y0u'll live f0rever,
Live as if y0u'll die t0day

Life is t0o short t0 wake up in the m0rning with regrets
S0 l0ve the pe0ple wh0 treat u right,
and f0rget ab0ut the 0ne's wh0 don't and 
believe that everything  happens f0r a reas0n..
If u get a chance. take it..
If it changes y0ur life, let it..
n0b0dy said it w0uld be easy, 
they just promised it w0uld be worth it..

When i was 10 years old,
my m0m always t0ld me that HAPPINESS was the KEY t0 life..
When i went t0 sch0ol,
they asked me what i wanted t0 be when i grew up..
I wr0te d0wn "HAPPY"..
They t0ld me i didn't understand the questi0n and
 i told them they didn't understand life...

Being HAPPY d0esn't mean everything perfect..
It means taht u decided
t0 lo0k bey0nd the imperfecti0ns...

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